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So, things are good.  Super busy.  For the most part, I am really enjoying this part of my life. I am working harder than I ever have.  Besides the family, I am finishing the re-model on my house, packing for Alaska and building the timber frame.  I have assembled the saw mill, trucked it into the mountains and got it ready to go.  I have been logging trees and tomorrow I use my new saw mill for the first time.  I have also been scouring the North Bay for douglas fir.  I have been logging giant doug fir trees to mill.  I have learned how to use a Wood Mizer. Drive a forklift.  Use a jointer.  We have not started building yet but my timber framer Gerhart is on it.

So far, I have been driving around Northern California looking at, and gather beams.  From Arcata in Humboldt County to Sacramento to Half Moon Bay, I am gathering Douglas Fir.

I fluctuate between utter terror and absolute certainty that I CAN do this.  I will try and chronicle the adventure here and will be blogging much mo…