So, this is the beginning. These boxes are my sawmill.  They are in my driveway in Sebastopol.  From here, I have to drive them to the logging site in another County.  I have to learn how to assemble it.  I have to cut hundreds of giant douglas fir trees.  I have to learn how to use the mill properly.  I then have to transport beams up to 40' long over 50 miles (I will have to hire a truck I think) to the woodworking shop. I have to learn how to make mortise and tenons. I have to make each piece fit perfectly. Package hundreds of beams and other building materials. Arrange for transport and delivery in Alaska (this requires getting a bulldozer on my land to get a space big enough for big rigs to turn around).   I need to sell my house.  I need to get rid of a lot of stuff and pack everything else.  I need to arrange for the safe transportation of my dogs, including getting their health certificates.  I have to arrange space on the ferry.  I need to get myself, my family and the other builders, along with tools to Alaska. Before my house is built, I need to arrange for land grading and the foundation, including radiant heating, to be built.  I need to order SIPS. I have to find labor in Alaska. I need to arrange for the utilities to be put into my land.  I need to rent heavy equipment with lots of time to spare to build the frame.  I need to arrange housing for my and my family, as well as temporary housing for the builders I am bringing up.   I need to assemble the frame. Install the SIPS. Send the timber framer home. I have to find, hire and supervise contractors to finish the house in Alaska.  I need to build the shop. A million other details. And it all starts with this pallet.  I have 14 months to do most of these things. On top of working, finishing my house in Sebastopol, spending time with my family and everything else I am doing.  It is nearly, but not quite, overwhelming. 



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