So, time flies.  It has been three months since I have posted.  Wow.  Some things have changed since September.  Perhaps the most exciting is that I have bought land in Alaska!  9.22 acres of land where I will build my dream home.   We had an amazing trip to Alaska at Christmas.  We flew into Anchorage and then took the train up to Fairbanks.  It was an amazing ride and one I hope to do again.  I dressed up in top hat and tails.  The wife was Mrs. Claus.  The girls all dressed in matching red dresses.  12 hours through the prettiest country on Earth. In Fairbanks we rented the Moose Walk cabin, a super neat little cabin in North Pole. The kids played ice hockey for the first time and I saw the Northern lights again. We went up to Chena Hot Springs and soaked in the hot water. We got to go for a dog sled ride (towing a Rhino) and I had a drink at the Ice Hotel. I took the kids to Santa Claus Village where they met Santa and his reindeer. We then went down to Kenai and spent a few weeks at Josh's house. It was glorious to be back. I actually took the family camping on our OWN land in our wall tent for a night. I am now busy designing our new house. On TOP of running everything else: running a few businesses. Having a family. Writing a screenplay. Finishing my remodel here. And so on. Every single day is busy. The firm has started to make some real money and I have almost no doubt that I can leave here in June of 2018 with a few million dollars in my pocket. I am going home! My kids will be Alaskans again.


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