So, ten years.  Ten years ago today I left Grass Valley for Alaska.  Just me and 4 dogs (none of whom are alive now).  It remains one of the greatest things I have ever done.  I must admit it has put in a a bit of a foul mood.  The quick passage of time is bad enough.  Ten years!  But what is worse is that I continue to struggle.  Having three kids and one income continues to stretch me.  I have been struggling to find my blessings (which are considerable) today.  It is frustrating to work so hard, and be good at what I do, and yet have to struggle like this.  Of course, I live in one of the most expensive housing markets in the US.  $585,000 for a small, moldy, rat infested house beside a major highway.

So, I need to change the narrative.  Instead of bitching about how far I have to go, I will instead remember one thing.  I AM going home to Alaska in June of 2018.  In about 640 days (plus or minus a few depending on things), I am leaving here for the last time.  If I can go with enough money to live on, I will.  But, if I can't, I will go anyway. On days like today, when it easy to get lost in the melancholy, it is important to push forward. And, while I will have lost six irreplaceable years, I intend to spend the rest of my life doing as I please. While everyone else is at work, I will be on the river and in the forest. I will 'make up' that lost time in grand adventures. After all, I am 4 years into my 6 year term. 640 days. And the next time, I won't be alone.


You have a beautiful family. Keep posting more of your adventures here. Thanks for this beautiful blog.

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