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So.  Ten years ago today I arrived in Alaska.  I will never forget the sense of amazement and wonder as I arrived.  It was, as John Denver sang about, coming home to a place I had never been.  Ten years.  Gone.   I was given some advice by Jeremy the other day.  He said I should learn to appreciate the journey more.  Sage advice.  I am so focused on my return in June 2018 that I often find myself unhappy.  That is foolish.  Like always, I will miss these days when they are gone.  It is true that I am not that interested in being a lawyer much anymore and I feel time pressing on me.  But it also true that being a lawyer has allowed me to come to the US.  And, if all goes well, it will allow me to retire in a place I love at 44 years old.  And that is pretty cool.  Ten years.  But I will be back.  And next time it will be for good.
So, ten years.  Ten years ago today I left Grass Valley for Alaska.  Just me and 4 dogs (none of whom are alive now).  It remains one of the greatest things I have ever done.  I must admit it has put in a a bit of a foul mood.  The quick passage of time is bad enough.  Ten years!  But what is worse is that I continue to struggle.  Having three kids and one income continues to stretch me.  I have been struggling to find my blessings (which are considerable) today.  It is frustrating to work so hard, and be good at what I do, and yet have to struggle like this.  Of course, I live in one of the most expensive housing markets in the US.  $585,000 for a small, moldy, rat infested house beside a major highway.

So, I need to change the narrative.  Instead of bitching about how far I have to go, I will instead remember one thing.  I AM going home to Alaska in June of 2018.  In about 640 days (plus or minus a few depending on things), I am leaving here for the last time.  If I can go with eno…