So, things are slowly getting better.  The firm is now on the cusp of some financial success.  Enough so that I am under contract for a piece of land in Soldotna.  It is almost ten acres and it is stunning.  The picture does not do it justice. I have hired a designer and I going to build the last house I ever hope to live in.  The cases that the firm has been working on for years and now getting ripe.  I have decided to go home in June of 2018 and only death or total incapacitation can stop me.  I am working here to build the wealth that will allow me to slow down. Otherwise, things are fine.  All three girls are in school now and are doing great. Site Meter
I cannot believe how time flies. Ten years ago right now I was feverishly getting ready to move to Alaska. It feels like just a few days ago. That thought motivates me to do more to get back ASAP. My health has gotten a little better as my stress has reduced. I am still mostly broke but that is because we are investing everything back. If this works I can go home in June of 2018 and never have to work again. I will, of course, but not out of need.  That will be a nice feeling. Talking about nice feelings, my trip to Alaska in July was awesome. God I miss the place. Everytime I work on my house or I am at work I think about time is closing in on me. But, for now, that is a good thing. We are going to Alaska at Christmas to take the train to Fairbanks and to visit Chena Hot Springs. I guess I have every reason to be optimistic.


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