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So, what's new?  The biggest thing is that my health has declined.  Badly.  I am in constant pain.  That's the bad news.  I went to see a doctor and there is nothing 'obvious' wrong.  'Just' stress he says. But it sucks nonetheless.  Its horrible.  This practice never stops preying on my mind.  So I have made a decision.  Whether I make the money I expect or not, I am leaving here in June 2018.  We are going back to Alaska.   In 17 days I am going to look at this property.
  It is remote...near Copper Center.  I am thinking about this a lot.  What do I hate?  The Government. Taxes.  Being told what to do.  This property is in the 'Unorganized Borough' of Alaska, one of the few places left where that sort of nonsense is minimal.  Of course, it is hours from anything.  There are no emergency services.  Nothing for the kids to do in the traditional sense.  I'm not sure about it yet but I'm leaning this way.  As for the firm, it is tr…