So, happy TENTH birthday my number one monkey. I cannot believe that ten years have gone by. Its remarkable. We had a quiet day. I had to pay over $60 for her to have halibut for dinner. I promised myself that was one of the last times.   Soon it will be fish caught by us from our own boat.  She's grown into a remarkable young woman.  Yes, she drives me crazy with her pre teen drama sometimes but she is crazy smart and a lot of fun.  I've never seen someone with perfect grades across all subjects.  My main goal right now is to give her and her sisters a great childhood.    

As for me, I have busy. Its that simple.  We are actively remodeling our entire house.  The real estate market here is insane and, for once, I may get a break.   I can probably make a couple hundred grand. I intend to sell it and use the money for new toys in Alaska.  I have set a date of June 2018 for our return.  That means I will have been away for 6 years.  Besides remodeling the house, I am beyond working full time.  Our firm is finally starting to make some real money.  Yesterday, I paid off the last credit card.  Now, other than the mortgages, for the first time in my adult life, I am debt free.  Now I can start saving for Alaska.  We will probably buy land and build the house as we want it.  I just need to make it to the end of this year.  Our civil caseload is probably worth about $7,000,000 right now and we just need to grab that money.  I'm tired of criminal defense and 80 hours a week.  Im lucky enough to spend most of my time on cannabis compliance now but I can't wait to do just that and help manage  This is our nationwide personal injury and mass tort law firm.  All in all, we are doing well.  I miss Alaska but, for the first time, I see a clear path to return.  

  I do feel guilty for letting this go.  I will do better. I would love for the kids to see their whole lives.


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