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So, happy birthday to my AJ! 8 years old already. Wow.  Of all my children, she is by far the biggest ham.  She loves to dance and to be the center of attention.  She cracks me up.  I'm so glad that my kids are getting a little older. I don't like being older mind you.  But the time is coming when we can really start to get out and do some things.  We are moving back to Alaska in June 2018.  I can really smell it.  I am starting to prepare now.  For the first time, I can see a clear path forward.
So, happy TENTH birthday my number one monkey. I cannot believe that ten years have gone by. Its remarkable. We had a quiet day. I had to pay over $60 for her to have halibut for dinner. I promised myself that was one of the last times.   Soon it will be fish caught by us from our own boat.  She's grown into a remarkable young woman.  Yes, she drives me crazy with her pre teen drama sometimes but she is crazy smart and a lot of fun.  I've never seen someone with perfect grades across all subjects.  My main goal right now is to give her and her sisters a great childhood.    

As for me, I have busy. Its that simple.  We are actively remodeling our entire house.  The real estate market here is insane and, for once, I may get a break.   I can probably make a couple hundred grand. I intend to sell it and use the money for new toys in Alaska.  I have set a date of June 2018 for our return.  That means I will have been away for 6 years.  Besides remodeling the house, I am beyon…