So, I cannot believe it has been two months since I have posted.  I have never experienced this before: time is going by so fast I cannot keep up.  Weeks and months fly by.  I am extraordinarily busy.  Most of my time is spent on projects that should allow me to escape this lifestyle and this place.  I have worked too hard for the last three years and my health is beginning to suffer.  At 42.  Not cool.  A real change of mindset needs to happen.  I have injured myself to help people who skip out on their bills.   My left foot is in pain all the time now.  I think I can recover if I just stop working so hard.    We bought a house here. It is a long way from our dream house but it is better than spending $3000 a month in rent.  I have an arrangement where I live in the house for no less than two years and no more than three.  That is my timeline.  I am 42 now.  Right around my 45th birthday I intend to return home to Alaska for good.  Here are my priorities between now and then: make a lot of money and try to get my health back.  Years of sitting here helping the ungrateful has taken its toll. However, all is not negative.
Years of effort are hopefully about to pay off.  If I don't kill myself in the process, I will spend a lot of time doing what I want to do.  I will also try and update this blog more often.  While I see this period as one of transition, it is not for my girls.  For them, this is a place they are growing up.  I must remember that in the next 24-36 months.  


Welcome home. As a life long Alaskan I can relate to your longing to return home. Every time we try and leave , we end up returning sooner than later.

I have enjoyed your blog for some time. Again, I can almost relate. I was admitted to practice Law in Alaska Just this year and have yet to land a job. I just submitted an application with the public defenders office and hopefully they accept me. I need all the experience I can get, and I would prefer to get it in an environment where people are willing to help out.I know quite a few of the attorneys here in the Valley, bu there is no guarantee they will have an opening here, and I will take whatever I can get at this point.

Thank you for the inspiration!

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