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So, I cannot believe it has been two months since I have posted.  I have never experienced this before: time is going by so fast I cannot keep up.  Weeks and months fly by.  I am extraordinarily busy.  Most of my time is spent on projects that should allow me to escape this lifestyle and this place.  I have worked too hard for the last three years and my health is beginning to suffer.  At 42.  Not cool.  A real change of mindset needs to happen.  I have injured myself to help people who skip out on their bills.   My left foot is in pain all the time now.  I think I can recover if I just stop working so hard.    We bought a house here. It is a long way from our dream house but it is better than spending $3000 a month in rent.  I have an arrangement where I live in the house for no less than two years and no more than three.  That is my timeline.  I am 42 now.  Right around my 45th birthday I intend to return home to Alaska for good.  Here are my priorities between now and then: ma…