So.  I'm frustrated that I don't have more to say.  So much is still uncertain in my life.  Things are going well but more slowly than I would like.  As I get older I recognize the importance of doing so much more than working.  I have been traveling to Alaska a lot and am more confident than ever that I will return soon.  I just got back from a weekend home that was the most productive weekend of my life.  The firm has gone though a lot of problems with staff in the last 8 months that are finally behind us.  Many civil cases are finally maturing and soon bring some money into the firm.  It would be so much easier if we were just running one business but Jeremy and I started three from scratch.  People really have no idea how much work and money it takes to create a business. All in all things are going well indeed.  It is just trying to figure out timing.  Should I buy a house here or will I be moving back to Alaska soon?  My rent is $2800 a month and I hate it.  When will civil cases settle?  What will the cannabis industry rules in Alaska look like?  Will I be needed there sooner?  The kids are doing great and growing so fast. It is so important that I spend more time with them. The last three years have been full of work and worry.  It has been a real struggle.   I am looking forward to that day when I tell the girls to pack up.  When we return to Alaska I only work on what I want to work on.


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