So, things are finally progressing around here.  Jeremy finally settled a big case last week that should allow me to pay off quite a bit of debt. After all these years of struggle, it is a welcome relief. In a twist of irony, I may not spend all the money I could paying off debt. I want to go home to Alaska, and as soon as possible. It is possible that we may be leaving as soon as December, 2015. So, I may spend a bunch of money getting a garage built at my little house. We may move back in there for a while. What a circle life can be. We have been trying to make the best of it with as much camping as possible in our old trailer. We finally found a spot that we really enjoy, mainly because there is no one else around. The kids are doing great. As for me, not else is new. I work and wait to work. I have to make some changes soon because I can feel my health suffering. I cannot wait to get back to Alaska and be more active. This year really will change our lives. I will continue to make the best of our time here but I am already starting to accumulate gear in Alaska. I have been back once this year and will be back again next month. One thing that IS new, is am focusing my practice on cannabis law. My Facebook page, Alaska Pot Attorney, is very robust and I enjoy doing it a lot. Soon, I will be home.  


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