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So, I can't believe it.  
After 14 years I have a Green Card!  All the hours, all the struggle, all the sacrifice, all the tears and angst are starting to come together.  I cannot even imagine a 2015 in which things are not considerably better.  Between the criminal defense practice, the civil practice, the max tory practice and (most importantly) the legalization of marijuana in Alaska, things are finally coming together for me.  My firm is hosting in March.  That means I can go home again in March.  I am so busy right now that I am actually annoyed at my body.  When I need to eat or rest I am annoyed that my body cannot keep up with my mind.  I am working 7 days a week and at least 12 hours a day.  Yet, some of it does not seem like work.  And that is the best feeling of all.  I will try and update soon.