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So, two years ago today, I landed in Washington State and began my journey first North for a new work visa and then South to California.  It feels like both just yesterday and a long time ago.  I have accomplished nothing in some ways and an incredible amount in other ways.  The kids are doing great and are growing like weeds.  The firm is doing great and looks like it is about to grow yet again.  Jeremy and I have a real plan to get rich.  We hope to be more or less out of here in 4 years.  Thank God.  I  still miss Alaska horribly.  However, it is quite cool.  My conversations with Jeremy have changed from "what if we don't make it" to "what are we going to do when the real money rolls in".  It happened slowly but I am now more confident than ever that I will spend the rest of my life home in Alaska.         To help the passing of time, I have decided to do all that we can in California.  I took a long weekend last weekend and took the trailer camping for th…