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So, I'm back from Alaska.  To be honest, I took it better than I thought I would.  No tears this time.  We had a great time.  We went halibut fishing and to Tustumena.  God knows I need to supervise better: the boat blew away after an Associate didn't tie it up well.  Jeremy woke up in the morning and the boat was gone.  Thank God for his satellite phone.  A change in what gear I take next time is in order.  Talking about gear, I ordered enough stuff (and left it there) that camping in Alaska is not a problem. I think part of why I held it together was hope.  I hope, and am starting to believe, that I can be out of here within the next 4- 5 years.  If my health doesn't crap out, I can have a great life.  Jeremy and I have big plans and the ability to pull them off too.  Our Green Cards should be here in the next few months.  Now all I need is money.  God I just want to spend the rest of my life doing what I want.             To that end, I am spending another Saturday at…