So, it's remarkable.  The thing about running a business.  We've had a couple of slow months here.  If things don't improve, we are going to have to make some major changes.  In my life right now there is only three pieces of news.  First, our Green Card is steaming ahead.  the I-140 was approved and, with luck, the Green Cards will be in our hands in about 4 months.  Second, I work.  I work a lot.  Third, I worry about money.  Fourth, I miss Alaska.  Not exactly news is it?  Guess I will have to see how long I can do this.  In 62 days I will be in Alaska.  I had arranged to go home early to do work on the house.  However, I have decided to try and sell it.  God I don't want to.  But the ways things are going will take 7 years to get debt free.  That's seven years of never owning a house.  Saving for retirement.  Having health insurance.  Just slogging through.  So it's for sale.  God.....

I have to think that eventually this will turn around. Our big party is on May 16.  Let's see what will shake loose. 


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