So, happy birthday to my 8 year old.  Good lord.  8 years.  This blog has chronicled, more or less, my entire life during that time.  It has gone by in a blink.  Just like on her 6th, we went to Maui.  Actually, the firm sent me.  I couldn't have afforded it otherwise and the other lawyers here insisted that I go.                 She is growing up so fast.  The above photo is a text she sent from the iPad.  I only have a few more years, maybe, of my first born being a "little" girl.  Otherwise, much is the same for me.  I continue to try and expand my business here and continue to wonder if I made the right choice.  I am still flat broke.  But what is creeping into my head more and more, is that if I am going to broke, I might as well be broke in Alaska.  Yesterday, our green card applications went off.             Assuming they are granted, that gives me a lot of flexibility.  One of two things is true: either I will make a bunch of money in this place and return home to Alaska able to do the things I want to do OR I will return broke.  I just can't shake the feeling that this place is temporary.  After almost two years, I haven't even fully unpacked.  I am even saving boxes to move.  It's a terrible way to think because life is so fleeting.  But I can't get Alaska out of my heart or mind.          I wish that I had amazing things to report on.  But I am still wrapped in extreme financial turmoil, both professionally and personally.  Every month is a struggle.  However, what I am AM coming to terms with is that it is okay to try and fail.  If this fails, I am going back to Alaska with my head held high.  It's that simple.  It's so frustrating to struggle to be happy.  I know I'm a lucky man but the older I get, the more I realize that it's all about money.  I hope I can give my girls a bigger head start than I got.  So their whole life isn't a struggle.     


josh said…
See you soon buddy! Very much looking forward to it!
Ramon Johnson said…
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