So, I am going to make an effort to be more positive. Lord knows I have a lot to be positive about. People are funny, aren't they? No matter how lucky we are, it becomes easy to become bogged down in the perceived negatives of our lives. Anyways, the building is almost done. I know I have said that before but it really, truly is. I can't overstate how much of a difference that will make. It turned into such an expensive, time consuming project that it really effected me. There can be no doubt that I am way worse financially for leaving Alaska. However, I am here because I expect that change. It needs to. I just miss Alaska too damn much to have this be for nothing. I was just saying to Jeremy the other day how much my standard of living has decreased. It's not just is that leaving Alaska meant leaving almost everything that I love to do. Instead of boating or fishing or hunting or camping I work. I just work. I don't mind the work. I don't mind working hard. It's just easy to feeling like it is fruitless sometimes. Oh, I know I am romanticizing it, but I find myself counting the ways to return home. Even Julianne has acknowledged the positives of life in Alaska! On that note, we got some big news. After 14 years of struggle and expense and worry, it looks like J and I are about to get our Green Cards! The Department of Labor has certified me. We have our medical appointment on Monday to be medically cleared. Barring some unforeseen snag, we should be good to go. That is huge....because when I have sucked enough wealth out of California, we can return to Alaska without worry. My challenge is not driving myself nuts while I wait for that day. I must learn to enjoy life here more. I hope, and expect, that will change when I can work a little less. I also know that I will starting spending more time in Alaska. But, in any event, the point of this entry is to remind myself that things are looking up. There is every reason to feel that the rest of my life will be easier, and better, for the choices I have made. Alaska isn't going anywhere and when I return it will be with enough money that I can spend the rest of my life on a boat or exploring the wilderness. All will come right.


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