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So, happy birthday to my Sasha. She turned three on November 2. I feel bad for her in a way. I was way more active in chronicling life when we lived in Alaska. It's harder now for a couple of reasons. First, I am far more busy at work than I used to be. Second, I am just not as excited about the blog as when I lived in Alaska. Life since I left Alaska has been hard. In particular, this building has drained all of our earnings away. It was supposed to take 6 months and $100,000. It has taken over 16 months and $300,000. That 'extra' $200,000 was money that I could have used to build my life. Instead it has all gone into this place. So I am still renting. Still deeply, deeply in debt. The only good news is that the building should be done by the new year. We have some furnishing to do but I think we are within $70,000 of being done. As God is my witness, 2013 is the last damned year that I will be broke. Otherwise things are fine. The kids are doing wel…