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So, it is with unbearable sadness that I announce the passing of my beloved dog Becky. Out of 4 dogs I took to Alaska, she was the only one who made it. She circled a brown bear. She swam in the ocean.  She (unwittingly on my part) rode on the bumper of a truck for over 20 miles down a highway because she would not be left behind on a car ride.  She died suddenly on September 11, 2013. It looks like she was poisoned somehow. She and I had many grand adventures together in the Alaskan wilderness.  Her death makes Alaska feel even further away.  The last few days have been filled with tears and heartache.  I am having her cremated and taking her home. I will spread her ashes on Tustumena Lake. There is nothing else to say. She loved me and I loved her. I miss you Becky.

Once again, I quote the closing of Graham Vest.  "The best friend man has in the world may turn against him and become his worst enemy. His son, or his daughter, that he has reared with loving care may p…