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So, here I am in the last week of my 30's. I have been trying to come to peace with that. Oh, I know people who are older say 'what's the big deal about turning 40', but that just pisses me off. It IS a big deal. But it is happening next week, regardless of whether I want it to or not. So. I am trying to come to peace with it. And I think that I will. Here's what I think: that, unless things go horribly wrong, that my 40's have the potential to be the best decade of my life. As much as I don't want to be 40, there it is. Why? Well, my kids will be old enough to start doing cool stuff with. Sasha is now out of diapers and the fun can begin. Before I have three teenage girls to deal with...... I am running my 'own' business. We just hired G to be our first associate and we anticipate having a lot of fun at work. My 40's should be the first decade where I'm not broke. I should be able to finally be debt free. To travel. And,…