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So, I'm running a little behind but happy birthday Kadee! 7 already. My, how the time has flown. I meant to write on your birthday but I've been sick. I just learned today that I have walking pneumonia. I've been getting bugged by everyone to see a doctor, so I did. Now I'm on meds.  Otherwise life has gone on.  I've been busy at work.  The girls are growing up.  Jeremy had his 40th birthday last week and the girls came out.  It was amazing to dance with my daughters....reminded me how fast time is going. Kadee said she had the "best birthday ever", and that was great. It made me think about how this time last year, we were in Hawaii. The year flew by so quickly....... As for work, the practice is growing quickly. I am starting to get referrals from others in the justice system. I feel like I am working too hard. The kids are growing up too fast....