So, really nothing has changed. The back of the office is nearing completion. Spring is approaching. I miss Alaska horribly each and every day.  Only the fact that it is now March and I hated March in Alaska keeps me sane.  I have some new aches and pains that are causing me some concern, but are probably stress related.  Our practice is expanding and growing with each week.  Jeremy has racked up two incredibly impressive trial victories. We have started a radio show that is on every monday. Archives can be found on our blog at Jeremy and I still aren't sitting in the same office space but that should happen within a month.  I am hoping to enjoy March and April here in California. I have started a bunch of seeds and built this aquaponics system.  I don't have a lot of time but I feel like I have been working too much and my health is starting to suffer a little.  This weekend I intend to just chill.  Enjoy my kids and garden and remember that it looks like this back in Alaska.      
I am excited by my future.  Only two things keep me from being perfectly happy: the lack of money and how badly I miss Alaska.  I can't wait until the day that I never have to worry about money again.  When I feel the Great Land calling me, I can go and stay there until I want to leave.  Oh, I know I am romanticizing.  I know I forget how there were things I didn't like about Alaska.  Lonely times.  But when I remember how it was to breathe air that had never been breathed before, I ache.  I miss the confidence I had there.  I miss the biting cold and the first green of spring.  I just need to go back.  I need to see Tustumena lake again.  Smell the woodsmoke.  Feel free.... I know I should be happier here.  But I feel like something important has been taken out of me and it just doesn't feel right.


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