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So, things are moving along. This private gig is sure different....Since writing last we have had our first Christmas back in California and I have moved into our office. The office, which was supposed to take 6 months from August is still at least 6 months out. Jeremy and I still aren't sharing space. To be honest, this is bad news. I had calculated a budget for a six month building process. The extra six months of our earnings going into the building, instead of to my pocket, will likely cause some damage. I am trying not to worry. The practice is picking up.....I have been able to travel around Northern California for work a bit, and there are some beautiful spots to where I live. I really don't have much else to write about. The kids are doing well. I am stressed and worried about how to make the practice grow. I am learning California law again as well as learning how to be a business man. I am more worried than ever about the direction of America, and a…