So, life continues.  For the most part, it has been great.  My only real negative so far has been dealing with California DMV.  Getting two new driver licenses and registering two cars cost over $2500!  What a joke.  It just goes back to my fundamental belief in life: I am happiest when the government leaves me alone.  I am happy to pay some tax.  But for the most part, the involvement of government in my life only leads to misery. I haven't been practicing much law since leaving Alaska, but have been very busy.  Besides the running around getting things unpacked and utilities turned on, I have been visiting the courthouse.  Making cider.  Doing construction on our building.  Reuniting with old friends.  Taking care of the many details in starting our firm.  It's been good.  Just to show what a cycle life is, we had dinner where the wife and I first met 10 years ago.  This time we went back and visited our friends there with our kids.  It was strange to see the place and to think about how much of my life has passed since then. My temporary office has become quite workable and I am hoping to get some clients very soon. We have a plan and we are excited about it. I know this blog may not be as interesting as when I lived in Alaska. It will now be about the struggles of starting a business rather than the struggles of living in a magical place. All I can say is that I plan to do interesting things. See California. Build a successful practice. Garden and hunt and fish. Raise our girls. I am pleasantly surprised at how happy I am here (again, the DMV incident notwithstanding. Bastards). And more importantly, the wife and kids are happy too. I won't allow the worry over money or how to get clients distract me from the fact that I am building something. That every day that passes is one less day of my life to live. All is well.


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