So. This is it. My last blog post from the Great Land.  I don't know what to say.  The day has been filled with saying goodbye to good folks.  I am heading off to the People's Republic of Kalifornia.  The heat.  The laws.  The traffic and pollution.  A place completely berefit of freedom and common sense.  But I am going on a good old Alaskan meat run.  What is that you say?  Well let's just say I KNOW I will eat 20 halibut in a winter.  And let's further say that the limit is 2 per day.  Now I can go out 10 times and do it per the law.  Fine.  Or I can go on a 'meat run'.  Do what needs to be done and hurry the hell home.  Keep the kids fed, even though I wish the circumstances could be different.  Meat run.  Every day that I wake up in 90 degree heat, I will miss Alaska.  Every day that I am told what guns I can own or where I can camp or what kind of phone I can talk on while driving or any of a million other things, I will miss this place.  All I want is to be left alone.  But I live in a country that is rotting from the inside out.  And I am heading right to the core of that rottenness.  Every day I will wake up and miss Alaska.  I am going now.  The house is almost packed, but for my computer.  I will pack it and do what must be done.  But I shall return.  Alaska pumps in my veins now.  I won't let the PRK beat me.  I know America is a fading Republic.  I need options.  I need to protect my children from the coming storm.  I will be making this blog private.  I will also be re-naming it.  To what, I have not decided,.  I will continue to document my life.  My hopes and dreams and struggles.  When I reach the point where I can return, maybe I will open it up.  When I leave Alaska, I am not only leaving this magical place.  I am leaving behind my youth.  My career as a public defender.  Many good people.

All will come right.  Things will be okay.  Okay.  The deep breath before the plunge.  A loss almost too much to bear.  Here I go.      


Jim said…

Hello from Colorado.

Best of luck to you and your family in this new adventure!

Peth said…
My only comment is WHY? Really, what could be better than Alaska? Why leave???????????
Most people only dream of AK as they look out their window at paved streets and tiny yards. Why, WHy leave??????

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