So, now that I have internet at home, I thought I would chronicle the last few weeks of my life.  First, let me give my impression of my new home.  I am much happier than I thought I would be.  The weather is not the oppressive and unyielding heat that I am used to in California.  The new house is great.  Kadee is happy at at school.  Our new office is going to be stunning.  So here's how things have been for me.  Two weeks ago today, G and I started loaded our trucks.  Our stuff was in 5 different places.  I was 100% sure it wouldn't all fit.  Well seven hours later, almost all of it did.  I lost an old fridge and an old wood stove.  We had figured that it would take several days.  So, since we had extra time, I convinced Jesse to take me to the lake one last time. God. I'm going to miss that place. Well, with the sight and smell of my favorite place on Earth fresh in my heart, we hit the road. We drove to Whittier to take the ferry down to Bellingham. What a trip! Before I go from this Earth, I intend to do that trip again. It was amazing to see Alaska sail by. I must admit to standing on the deck more than once and allowing myself to just cry.
The scenery was amazing and it was a real chance to just sit and unwind for four days. We arrived in Bellingham early on Saturday morning. The next 22 hours were nerve wracking. When I arrived in Sebastopol, my hands were claws. Even a week later, my back muscles are sore from the drive. Well the new house is just great! For the first time in our lives, we have enough space for five people. We live on a acre about 20 minutes out of town. It is just amazing. After we unpacked the UHaul, it was time to see our new space. The space where I will likely spend the bulk of the rest of my working life. Jeremy, G and I went down to open it up. I will blog seperately about the 'before' and after' space. We have big plans. Finally, Kadee started Grade One. She is doing well in her new class and school. I have spent the last week unpacking. Next week I am starting demo/construction on the new space. . Well that brings me up to speed. I guess the bottom line is that I am happier than I expected to be. I miss Alaska but this place is beautiful. We live across from an apple orchard. We have deer and wild turkeys in our yard. Every night the fog rolls in and a pair of owls hoot. I will take pictures of just how pretty it is here. The new few years are going to be incredible.  I am a lucky man.          


Ben, You sound positive and upbeat! It's good to hear. Good luck. We miss you up here, though.
jsd said…
Glad you made a safe journey, and your new place looks beautiful and huge. Look forward to your updates.

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