So, the last wek has been crazy. Moving from Alaska to California is bad enough. But starting a new practice? Renovating a 100 year old building? All at once. It's nuts. But I found time to make some apple cider with the kids. Drive to the coast.  Buy J a new car.  In between, I have been knocking down walls.  Signing papers.  Ordering doors. And business cards.  And internet access.  And a million other things.  And today I talked to my first client in a few weeks.  It's go, go, go, go, go, go.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am living on credit cards but I am a happy man.  All is well. Tomorrow is another crazy day.  I have rented a closet sized office to practice out of while we finish renovations. So I am buying all the supplies needed to get it up and running.  All I can say is, stand by.  Life is getting more and more interesting.   


Anonymous said…
Keep hanging on to all that "stuff" while flushing your familie's future down the toilet.
Hopefully you will make it big and have lots of money. Will that be worth compromising your happiness for?
i find it sickening that somebody gives up a 100k a year job in a story land setting to move to kalifornia to "maybe" make more money. go buy a klue.

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