So, in my effort to wring every moment I can from Alaska, I took the family camping. It was one of the most glorious days I have ever had in Alaska. It must have been 75 degrees out. It was perfect. We paddled on the canoe and sat by the fire and did all the things that you do when you camp. One of the neatest things we did was go for a canoe ride about 2 am. I took the sixth picture just as the sun was coming back 'up'.   Of course it was never truly dark.  To celebrate Solstice itself, intern Will and I went for a ride out to Spirit lake.  Waited until almost midnight and took this picture. Even though I miss my boat (never thought I would say that!), the one upside is the amount of time I have spent on the canoe this summer.  Even though I am sad about my time ending here, I am excited about the adventure I am about to embark on.  The ability to have my own office with my imprint on every decision is thrilling.  I hope everyone had a great weekend...I sure did.


josh said…
gorgeous! You lucky dog. Let's talk soon eh?

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