So, every day feels like a vise around my heart. The thought of leaving this magical place physically hurts me. Even though I hate the 'State', I love Alaska. I went fishing on the Russian River last night. Combat fishing. Swore I would never do it. But the intern wanted to go. So I did. And I'm glad. For the most part I sat on the bank and watched brown bears chase salmon and fishermen. I listened to the gulls and watched the mountains and realized that I would never be more free. More alive. Listen to me very, very carefully. I am a good lawyer. I have talent. Energy. The drive and desire of ten men. And all of that considerable energy will be bent to one purpose. I will go to California because I have to.  And when I arrive I will dance with the one who brought me.  I will make Adams Fietz the best damned law firm in town.  And we will get rich.  Become citizens.  I do this because it is the right thing to do for my children and my family. But, when the time is right, I will be back. Alaska is a part of me now. The cold winter nights. The magical summers. I will do what I must as a man. The State argues that my children can't get a PFD because we aren't 'Alaskan' enough. If only the 'State' could feel what is in my heart. I will cry so hard when I board that ferry to go that I don't know if I will be able to bear it. G may have to physically lift me onto the boat.  I will be ashamed but I will weep.  As usual, the State is wrong. I don't care what the State says....I am an Alaskan... and I shall return....


P.S. On another note, the most amazing thing happened.  Kadee wanted her training wheels off.  I expected a lot of tears.  Instead, the kid hopped on that bike and went all the way around the block without a crash!  Amazing.  God I love those kids.  I hope they know what I am about to do for them.  These pictures are from the first ever daddy daughter bike ride.


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