So, today was hard. Kadee graduated from kindergarten today. It was hard for three reasons: first, as I was driving her to school I made the mistake of saying that "this was the last day I would be driving a kid to school in Alaska". Well Kadee got very upset. She said "I'm going to miss Alaska daddy"! And she started bawling. And then so did I. Because so will I. So very, very much. When we got to the school, it wasn't much better. She got upset in the class because she was going to miss her friends and her teacher. That was hard to witness. You can see how upset she is in the picture. The third reason was that it struck me just how fast life is going. I must say that I cried most of the way to work. It just feels like a few days before we took that picture of her on that first day. And now a whole school year has flown by. If I'm lucky I might have 40 more years like that. It will feel like just a few moments. And there is so many things I need to see. Do. Experience. So. It was a hard day. To make up for it I am taking Friday off and taking the kids up to Kenai lake to do some camping. I still intend to enjoy every moment in Alaska that I can. And to help Kadee I took her to Dairy Queen....amazing what ice cream can do..

 P.S. Here is the final version of our logo. Things are moving along. The website is being built starting next week. We have a space in mind. We spent $4000 on books to refresh my memory of California law. I go from being more excited than I can stand to lingering in doubt and despair. Quite the ride. But I have no doubt that in five years, or less, well money just won't be an issue anymore. And I will get to see Australia. And Tuscany. And a million other things.....


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