So, camping on Kenai lake for the long weekend. It's a spot that I've been before but I wanted an easy trip. We camped with my investigator who brought 6 kids so I didn't want to experiment, despite my desire to camp somewhere new. We camped down the beach from the crowd (thank God) so it seemed like the lake was relatively ours. We had a few minor equipment issues but nothing major. Good trip all in all that has left us all tired. For example, I bought a 6 person tent but it wouldn't hold us all. Damn. Now I need another tent. But it meant that I had to sleep on my own in my little tent right on the ground. It was pretty uncomfortable. I got this new spit from the Sportsmanguide and cooked the hell out of three chickens over driftwood. Just a fun time. We figured out some of the things that we were missing and came home and got everything ready for next time. I didn't get to sluice for gold or do any shooting, but everyone had a great time.


I see you brought the saiga...why, then, did you not get to shoot? :)

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