So, Maui. The first thing I noticed is how 'easy' life is here. I don't mean because I am on vacation. I get the difference. What I mean is this: it is 8 am. We can throw a pair of shorts on the kids and just go. In Alaska we have to warm up the house, warm up the car, scrape a windshield, get the kids all dressed, put the truck in 4 wheel drive to get out of the driveway....etc....etc. It's really made me think, let me tell you. When I first arrived in Maui I was incredibly disappointed in myself. I mean here I am for the first time at almost 40? I am a good lawyer and I am here because I have airmiles and a buddy who lives here? Driving an ancient Toyota rental? It is a far cry from how I wanted things to be. I am trying to make things better. I did NOT get the job in Sonoma County. Oh well. I will try another approach. I have to say.....I know it is artificial as hell but once I have tasted this life it makes me even hungrier. I have a lot more pictures. But I am sunburned. And I have a bottle of vodka. I HAD lost 17 pounds in the last few has probably all been gained back in last few days. There is an avocado tree in the backyard!! I am eating and drinking my ass off.  We are having a good time and time is flying by fast.


josh said…
Alas, no matter where you go there you are. The tropics are not all they're cracked up to be. Glad you're having such a good time though.
Of course! My problems have not evaporated in this delicious sun. But life is just 'easier' here. Trust me...when you have 3 kids going ANYWHERE is a production. Here that production is shorts and a beach. In Alaska it is 30 minutes of fighting the weather first. Every place has its pro's and con's. But Hawaii? Damn. Pretty darned 'pro'.

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