So, I haven't been blogging much. I'm sure it will fire back up soon. I have made a decision. And the decision will be implemented tomorrow. As usual, this is not public info so I hope I can trust my readers to wait for me to make it so. Tomorrow I am booking a ticket on the July 30 ferry to Bellingham. I do not have a job waiting. A home. An income. Instead I will (re) enter the United States on a non-immigrant visa. I will borrow tens of thousands of dollars to move and to live on. Yet I am going to California to start a new practice. One of two things will happen: I will fail miserably and borrow enough money to run back to Canada or I will be more successful than I can imagine. A few things have inspired this bold move. I get paid Tuesday. For the first time since moving to Alaska almost SIX years ago, I was going to owe less than I came with.  That's right.  5 and a half years have left me even.  We live in the same 960 square foot house.  Drive the same 8 year old car.  But instead of owing less for the first time ever, I am going to rack up about $14,000 worth of new debt tomorrow.  For a ferry.  A rental truck.  An airline ticket for G.  California here I come.  Will I miss Alaska?  You bet your ass.  I will cry like a baby at the ferry terminal.  The cold winter nights.  The space.  The freedom.  This magical place.  But tomorrow is AJ's 4th birthday.  I think about what I want to do with these beautiful girls.  While I am alive I want to sip wine while I watch thunderstorms with them over Darwin, Australia.  I want to own a good horse again.  I want to watch the sun set on Spain.  Feel Egyptian sand between my toes.  I want my kids to know how to play the piano.  Speak Spanish.  Know how to swim.  Watch a Tuscan sunrise.   If I stay I will never have that.  Ever.  So I have to risk it all.  I have to pack the few things I own.  My wife and kids.  Alaska.  Being a public defender.  I will start over in a place I have no reputation.  Nothing but my belief in myself and those around me.  My balls are in my throat.  I am even going to sink my retirement money into a new firm. Those of you who know me, know that I value an episode of Star Trek extremely highly. It is an episode called "Tapestry". It is about second chances. This video clip says it all about the chance I am about to take.  Wish me well......I am going to fight the Norsicans.  I will start blogging more.   We are going to enjoy this last summer in this magical place.


Anonymous said…
I am 40. A criminal defense lawyer who left Alaska back in 2007 to "see the world." I saw the world, and, just like you, I long to go back "home."

There is more important things in life than chasing the almighty dollar.

You can die tomorrow, start living and define success in other ways.

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