So, here's to the commute in Alaska. At least several times a week, the drive (or flight) to and/or from work takes my breath away. Pictures, of course, do no justice. I am lucky to have this time. One of my favorite sayings is "money is replaceable...time is not". And despite the hardships of Alaska, I would never trade the years I spent in this place. The mountains and glaciers and sky call to me. I curse the need for the almighty dollar that drives me from this place. For soon I know that my commute will be bumper to bumper. The smell of fumes. Heat. I write this post in the hopes that when I am trapped in that nightmare that I remember when I was free. Young. In a place that made me ache because of the beauty of it all.  Tick tock.  Only 101 days until I pack.  101 days left in this place.  I intend to enjoy every single second. 


Jim said…
Hello from Colorado. You sure you want to leave Alaska when you worked so hard to get there?

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