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So, just a quick update. We have moved back into the little house. All five of us, two dogs and a cat in 960 square feet. It is still cold and snowing. This is one of the snowiest winters ever and it shows no sign of letting up. To be honest, the house, so far, isn't too bad. I have my chair and TV upstairs and it is ok. For now. Next week we leave for our real vacation ever as a family. I can't wait to get out of here. The 4' of snow has gotten old and break-up this year is going to be a bitch. I have still not heard from Sonoma County but the interview went well. I am still torn about leaving here but the die is cast now. The house (hopefully) closes this week and that whole proces is frustrating. Realtors and the whole process are just so scummy. The system is designed to blled you dry a nickel and dime at a time. We'll be lucky to get a few thousand dollars out of the $30,000 equity we had. But at least it is done. Anyways, the last few weeks have been insane. Th…