So,it just won't stop snowing. We must have got 24 inches in the last week  Much more is coming. To make matters worse (on top of moving in this stuff) is that it is the time of year that I just hate Alaska. I love it 10 months of the year, but March and April suck. I don't care what anyone says, these should be green, muddy months. God I hate them. The sale of the house is proceeding and we are probably about 80% moved. We will finish moving out during Spring Break and get this place cleaned. There are 4 steps left, with the most important tomorrow. Otherwise, not much is new. Sasha is on her feet but not walking. J and I are dreading moving into the little house. I am dreading break up there...the water and mud will be a nightmare. Work is crazy busy, we are absolutely broke this month (what else is new), the snow is a pain in the ass, the house is too small for 3 energetic girls. So I guess my life is the same as always. How boring.


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