So, I haven't blogged in ages. The truth is I've been busy as hell. First, we sold the house we are living in!  Got my full asking price too.  Of course I am paying all the closing costs and spending thousands on repairs, but still. We have a month today to get out. It has been hectic. I managed to buy my way out of the all the problems the house has, except a leak in the heating system. So up came the floor. . What a nightmare. But Bill came over today and we got the floor back down at least.  Thank God for Bill......  There is still drywall and trim to fix, but it will get done. The stuff has been going into what appears to be a too small storage locker. But every time I move I get hosed and so I am trying to keep more stuff this time. I may regret that later. But for now almost everything we own is going in there and we, get this, are moving into the rental. Yes. All five of us are moving into the 960 square foot cabin. It is going to be interesting. But I am hoping it is temporary.  To be honest, I am super excited.  Most of our good friends are in Northern California and I can't wait to have a social life again.  I feel like our lives are on hold right now.  But I expect the next 6 months to be crazy.  Sasha took her first steps yesterday so the last of my children is on her feet.  In just a few years they will learn how to shoot.  Drive.  Ride.  So many cool things are just on the horizon.  We have our first family vacation coming up next month.  We have to finish the move.  I expect to get word from Sonoma County in the next few days.  And, of course, my usual bad luck when it comes to anything even remotely mechanical continues.  A tire fell off the trailer when I got it out of the snow.  That cost me $350.  Then I learned that the tires on there are no good for the move.  $800.  I plugged a saw in the other day and it short circuited and pushed 240 volts through the house.  I spent $100 just replacing light bulbs.  It blew through the $450 microwave.  Cost $650 for the electrician.  My water softener just appears to have blown.  We can't get out of this house soon enough... It goes on and on.  The $14,000 we WERE going to get out of this house has dwindled down to $10,000.  No matter.  In a few years, I will spend $100 on lunch without even thinking about it.  I expect the week coming up to be big.  Not only do I have a million things to do at this house, I need to do some work on the rental.  I also hope for word from down south.  Despite having to deal with snow and ice and broken things and chaos, I am trying to keep in mind that is all fun. In 5 years when we have our green cards, and cash in the bank, and the horses are in the trailer to go the land up in Nevada and everyone is happy and healthy, I will remember these struggles.  When I am crossing the Golden Gate bridge with the top down and three gorgeous blondes in the back, I will remember the time in Alaska and smile.  I do love this place.  But I can't wait for the next few months......I will blog when I can.  The next few weeks are going to be INSANE!!!!!!!!! 


"Thank God for Bill." You're not the first person to say that, and you won't be the last. I'll miss you guys when you're gone.

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