So, I can't believe that my time in Alaska is coming to an end. On the one hand, I am excited. I am looking forward to some things about our new life. Objectively, in some ways, leaving is a no brainer. I have more debt than I arrived in Alaska with. I don't have a Green Card and never will on this job. There are parts of where I work that make me very unhappy now....people I can't trust.  J hates the winters. I want money so bad I can taste it. But. When I think about these bright winter days. The view driving (or flying) to work. Tustumena Lake. Katchemak Bay. All the amazing times I have had makes me sad. But the die is cast. The house went up for sale yesterday. The next few months, unless I am horribly mistaken, will see us out of here. Like I said, a no brainer. But I will cry when I leave. I have to go but I wish I could stay.  I will be back though, and maybe next time I won't have to worry about the things that prevent me from staying now.  I know the next 5 or 10 years of my life are going to be incredible.  I am going to see things that I only dreamed of.  I don't know....this winter is ending fast and the coming time is bittersweet.  There are very, very few people who know what I mean.  I will be back Alaska.  You are in my blood.  Just let me go for a few years........I'm sorry.     


josh said…
Good luck buddy! Keep me posted

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