So, I am frustrated. This house is too small. And I work all week and clean house all night and weekend it seems. I have spent the last TWO days of my weekend JUST cleaning the kitchen, and it is not nearly done. J and I fight about it a lot. I think eventually it will cause our marriage to be in real trouble. From my point of view, I can't understand what she does all day. I know she looks after the girls but the place is just always such a disaster. I can't live in the chaos. We just have different priorities. I think that part of staying at home is keeping the place clean. She just doesn't care when the place looks like the video. I don't like airing my dirty laundry but it is at the point where I can see us separating over this.  I have a choice: either I work full time and spend all my spare time cleaning and doing housework OR I can live in a chaotic, messy house that makes me angry and frustrated.  At least this winter I have nothing else to do anyways.......but the difference between how I need our house to look and how it does look is overwhelming. video


Anonymous said…
Don't beat her! Haha jk


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