So, happy new year. I meant to write earlier in the year but, quite frankly, I haven't had much to write about. The holiday season is over and life is back to 'norma'l. Of course, it didn't change much for us. I'm not sure why I blog anymore except out of habit. One day I will make it public again. And I hope the kids appreciate it one day. The most 'exciting' thing for me is re-doing the kitchen. New paint, a backsplash and new trim. No major renovations but a general clean-up. The weather has been cold and I have been enjoying the cold, clear winter nights. While J and I both recognize the need for money, we both have reservations about leaving Alaska.  Nights when it is -20 and you can see every star make me think twice for sure. The kids are doing great. Sasha will be on her feet soon. She loves to "talk" and says "digga digga digga", which we think is 'dog'.  That word will be frequent when the 5 puppies get on their feet. Kadee loves school and has probably doubled her knowledge base. AJ has adjusted better than I thought she would to being left at home while Kadee is at school.  As for me, there is small news.  But there is one thing that bears repeating. I need those of you reading this to KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT!! I have recently been told that private matters from my blog have been discussed in front of the ENTIRE office, including my supervisor. That is bullshit. Stop it or don't read it.  So.  My news? I have applied to the Sonoma County Public Defender and hope to be heading down for an interview in the next few weeks or months. Otherwise I remain bored as hell this winter. The lack of a social network is so grating. I know I complain about it over and over but it is not a situation that I am used to. To help stay busy, J and I have decided to do something every week to get us closer to CA. So tomorrow we will work on the kitchen. I know I am going to go from bored to unbelievably busy when the time comes to pack and go. For now, we are just muddling through the winter.....


Well, you blog for your kids. And this time of change is important to document.

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