So, Merry Christmas 2011!! A quiet day around here. It's funny..I ran into a neighbor yesterday in Fred Meyer. He commented how he noticed how our house has "quieted down".  Sigh.  But anyways, Christmas. The girls were spoiled of course. I made a big dinner, which is ironic because it was about 10x too large for us.  I got a pasta maker and am obsessed with making fresh pasta with turkey eggs.  To top off the day our dog Ruby, who we didn't know was pregnant, has just given birth to 3 pups. They are clearly half Karelian Bear dogs. Oops. Time to get her fixed...we just didn't know she was in the position to get bred.  Just another thing to add to the list before the move to California.  On that front, I am applying for a job on January 1 with the Sonoma County Public Defender.  As such, I will be keeping this blog private for a long, long time.  I will continue writing on it.  I have to figure out an easy way to get photos from my iPhone to the blog.  I have emailed myself a bunch of photos but they won't save on my computer  This photo was edited to look like it was taken in the 1970's.  I'll sort it out.  All in all, a good day.  Another day to remind myself how incredibly lucky I am.  I am sad that this is likely our last Christmas in Alaska.  However, we are about to embark on a grand new adventure.  Even though we are going "back" to California, life is about to change.  No more babies.  I'm not looking forward to being older but I am looking forward to a life without the clutter of baby stuff.  Walkers, cribs, bouncy chairs, playpens, diapers etc etc.  A different place.  Practicing law with my best friend and working for "myself".  Green cards.  Hopefully money.  A lot of it.  Money really is so important to happiness.  I used to be a happy man.  I know that person is there.  I can feel him.  I am looking forward to the next 5 years.  There is so much I want to do, and if the money comes like I hope it will, there are going to be some amazing things on this blog.  I have big plans and big dreams.  But for now, we had a good day.  Merry Christmas from Alaska...probably the last time I will say that for a long, long time.      


Merry Christmas!

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