So, if I may say so I am feeling a little bored. The lack of folks to do things with is wearing on me. I even spent a part of both days this weekend in the office! To compensate, I have been buying technology. I got J and I an iPhone and holy crap! That is the best thing I have ever owned.  Facetime is unimaginably cool.  The only thing I need to do is figure out how to sync the phone to my laptop.  That would save me the step of having to email pictures to myself.  All the pictures in this post were taken with the iPhone and I am impressed. To help the kids, I got a Kinect for the Xbox. That thing blows my mind too. Otherwise not much is new. I am about to start working on the house again after a seven month delay. And while I still have no details, it still seems likely that this is our last winter here. I will miss it. Of course, this time of the winter is still magical to me.  I really don't have much to report I am afraid.  Everyone is doing relatively well.  Kadee is enjoying school and I am blown away by how much she is learning.  Sasha stood up (by pulling herself up on the walls of the play pen) for the first time the other day.  AJ is still struggling with being the middle child and both J and I agree that she will likely be the one keeping us at night in ten years.  I expect that in the next six weeks or so some big decisions will be made.  Even J, who is no fan of the winters here, has admitted she is "nervous" about moving.  Me too.  I'm not looking forward to leaving at all.  I will try and enjoy my winter and see what happens.  Work is busy and the holiday season is upon us so I'm sure I'll find things to do.  For now I will just stay cozy and see what happens.............   Whatever I do, I will do for those little girls. 


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