So, they're home! To be honest that 6 weeks sure went by quick. It was amazing to see them again. The doors opened up and Kadee yelled "Daddy" and there they were.  Now it is time to get them settled in.  Kadee starts school (two weeks late) next Tuesday.  Then we will make some decisions about our life.  I made this blog private again for a few reasons, primarily that I have applied again for a position with the International Criminal Court in The Hague.  I am increasingly unhappy as a public defender in Kenai.  Even though this is now private, I won't talk about the reasons why.  I will see where my life takes me.  But not right now.  For tonight I have my girls sleeping just a few feet away.  A fire is going.  A good whiskey is beside me.  A long weekend is coming up.  Life is good tonight.


Welcome home, Ladies! Glad you're back. I stopped by after work to say hi, and you were all falling asleep, due to time change and travel weariness. Welcome home.
Jessica said…
Oh Ben that's great news for all of you. I'm so relieved. The girls look like they've grown a ton, AJ in particular. Have fun reconnecting!
Awesome, Ben. Now just wait and see if the ICC will hire you. Hopefully, in a few months you'll be Hague bound!

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