So, selling the toys and not having anyone to do something with has meant a quiet fall indeed. I was going to take the family camping this weekend but it was supposed to rain. What do you think happened? It turned out to be one the nicest weekends ever! So of course I feel like I have done 'nothing'. I dug potatoes with the kids. Cooked. Hung out here and did a few household chores. I don't feel any more rich since I sold the boat and the Rhino...I just feel way more bored. If I could have, I would have gone to the Lake today. It must have been stunning out there. The house is about ready for winter, except for killing the hogs, which I will do in the next few weeks. A little gardening and we are ready to settle in. I had my first meal of the year where almost everything was from the yard...I really do love fall in Alaska. I just wished it lasted a little longer. There are a couple things I hope to do before freeze up. I still want to take the family camping once. I hope to do a little gold panning. I hope for a month until it snows...In terms of our life, well there have been no decisions made. I will tell you this. I have a job application pending with the International Criminal Court in The Hague. . If that doesn't pan out, I am waiting to see if Jeremy settles a big case. If he does, we are likely to open Adams Fietz in Santa Rosa. To be honest, I don't really want to move back to California. But I am too good of a lawyer to be broke at almost 40. That job would be about money. If that doesn't pan out, it looks like we may try New Zealand. Australia is still possible but I don't like the gun laws there. New Zealand is moving to a public defender system from a legal aid system and there seems to be work.
The downside is the crappy pay and the high cost of living. But look at this town we have been looking into in the Bay of Plenty area. It costs me $440 NZ to send New Zealand a letter of interest to see if they want us. What do you think? Should I do it??


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