So, Kadee's first day of school. I know everyone says this but good lord time flies. It really makes me think about our future.

In another blink of an eye, it will be this one who is off to school.
I vest in the State retirement in a few weeks, my 5 year anniversary with the State. Not that Tier 4 is anything to brag about. I do NOT contribute to social security and, according to the numbers I have run over and over and over, I will be over a MILLION dollars short of what I need to retire. And all my money is in the market. What is some fund manager decides that "Enron" is a good place for my money? I could work my entire life and have nothing! I am getting sick of that idea. So. I want to do something big. I have two choices: first, I can think about money.  I looked at some paperwork today.  When I moved to Alaska 5 years ago, I owed about $49,000 (other than mortgage).  Now, after paying thousands per month, I owe $55,000!  I now own no toys.  No Rhino.  Boat.  Snowmachine.  And yet my debt has climbed about $1000 a year despite paying maybe $24000 a year against it.  I can't tell you how frustrated that makes me.  I hate it.  So I can think about simply having money.  I may have an option for that, which I will know about in about 60 days.  The second option is to not worry about it and just go have an adventure.  You only live once.  I am thinking about going someplace totally new.  I have an application with the International Criminal Court.  That could take us to the Netherlands.  If that fails, I am thinking about this...

.....ready for this.....?



Well, I'd certainly visit you in Australia!
Jennifer S said…
I second that. I would come visit in Australia! Thanks for sharing the video. She is too cute!
Cowgirl said…
What a cutie!

Australia would be a huge change from Alaska! What an adventure that would be.

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