So, our last camping trip of the year. A beautiful weekend, despite the fact that we are all sick. The leaves in this part of Alaska are just stunning at this time of the year, and we were treated to a great sunset down at Anchor Point beach. Not much is new with me. I vested in the State retirement system over the weekend. I am now free to leave the State and take my retirement with me. To those who are wondering: there is no immediate plan. I will be asking for a TN Visa renewal again, but I am thinking about flying down to Victoria for a few days this time. I might as well make the best of a stressful situation. I really don't know what I am doing with my life but I just feel ready to do something different. School is going well for Kadee. She has already learned the value of a makes me laugh. Sasha is growing like a weed. It's going to be a crazy week. Work is insane and I have a bunch of peronal things to do too, like send in the 2011 appeals for the girls PFD. The State is making a mistake by denying them these PFD's. I am also going to set a new budget. I am hoping to cut my spending pretty dramatically and try to get ahead over the winter. I would bet that both houses will be going up for sale in the Spring, so I want to get together a list of things that I can do over the winter. I am starting a new screenplay with Jeremy too. We are going to let The First Airborne sit for a bit...we have proved that we can write a 110 page screenplay. We were going to finish the second draft of that but we are too excited by our new idea. God, I just need money. J and I agree: whatever we do, we have to make money our first priority. Unfortunately, the next few months have some big expenses coming up, so it will be hard to get ahead. Sigh. Hope everyone is well.


Jessica said…
I love how Kadee looks like the tallest person in the photo. I hope she noticed that.

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