So, Tustumena lake. My favorite place on Earth.  One last ride on the Defense Rests. We ran across this little feller fishing.  Becky, of course, was growling and wanted to have a go with him.  God I love that dog.   I have sold the boat.  The Rhino too.  No toys left.  All must go in my quest to find something different.  It's not Alaska.  I don't know what it is.  But I will miss the crap out of that lake.  I don't know where my future is.  It is hard to think clearly in a silent house.  First: get my family home.  Second, think about our future.  Lately I have found myself at a loss.  I have always been able to do what I what I wanted with my life.  Sway a room with my charm.  But is it that I am getting older?  That I have lost some of 'me'?  I don't know.  All I know is that I miss my kids.  I will miss that lake.  Some of my happiest memories are I saw the first yellow leaves out there.  Winter is coming.....


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I can't believe Bill got to see the Grizz on Tustamena. Bill! The guy who'd rather go to the Lion King on Ice Bill. All I got to see was the black bear attack you and injure your finger. Did you get that checked out, by the way?
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you made your blog public again. With 3 kids, it's not so easy to just up and move. And down here in the lower 48, the legal job market is HORRIBLE. But you are taking the right steps by downsizing (and if you don't leave, you'll save some $$$).

I'm still public defending, in fact may was year #4. It seem like all i do is domestic batteries. the only thing i require from a job is that it is 'tolerable'. Anything beyond that is gravy.

tiny tim said…
Yeah! You're back! Why did you take your blog private, and why'd you bring it back? Are you still working for the PDs?
Anyway, I'm glad you're back and I'm sorry about your family being stuck in Europe.
It's about downsizing. I made the blog private for private reasons. We'll see what the future holds. I still work for the PD and will do so for the forseeable future.
I’ve seen tons of bears this year. Even though I love opera and musicals, I enjoy seeing the wildlife in AK and am trying to take advantage of the opportunity as long as I live here. Just in moderation. I don’t do week long camping trips, etc. Someday, I’ll leave AK, and I don’t want to look back and think that I didn’t appreciate the wonder and beauty of this place.

BTW, it was a great day Ben. Thank you for taking me out in your boat. However, I think you made the right decision in selling it.

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