So, my vacation is over.  We had a good time.  However, the good feelings from two weeks of fishing, camping, gold panning, shooting, boating, hiking and just relaxing ended this morning.  This morning some government official in Germany denied J entry back into the US.  By extension, that included my daughters (I can't go to Germany and get the kids obviously).  The reason was BS: a problem with her TD visa.  I can only imagine her day...for it gets worse.  They deny her entry.  So she goes to get her luggage and the car seat is missing.  She is trying to text me but her phone is running out of credits.  She goes to buy a ticket back to England and discovers that the "emergency" credit card I sent her with has expired and is declined.  3 kids.  Luggage.  No money.  No credit card.  Stranded in Europe.  God that must have sucked.  I have to get on this.  I will get her home but it will likely take weeks and cost me thousands of dollars.  I just sold the Rhino and was hoping to get ahead...that money will now to go airline tickets.  The whole thing sucks.  And I tell you what.  Despite the fact that I got word from the ICC that I was not offered the job on the trial lawyer position I applied for, I think I am done with the United States.  I came here to be more free.  And here I am pushing 40, always broke and my family is stranded in godamned Europe.  After ten years I am no further ahead on immigration than the day I showed up.  And the United States is sliding into something ugly.  So.  I'm done.  I don't know what I'm going to do but I will never allow myself or my family to ever go through something like this again.           


Cowgirl said…
I'm behind on blog reading, but I'm speechless! Hope they are home by now.

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